How Does The Delivery Work?

Delivery will be made in 8-10 weeks from the order being taken and our specialist courier will deliver it to your and give you a quick demo on how to start and drive it.

What Age Is It Meant For?

We recommend a minimum age of 6 years old.

Can Adults Fit In It?

Yes, our Junior Jeeps can comfortably fit two adults side by side.

What Is The Difference Between 125 and 150 Engine Size?

150 has more power making it more suitable for the bigger kids.

What Does It Run On, Battery or Fuel?

Battery for electric start which is charged during use and unleaded fuel for constant use.

How Long Will 1 Tank of Petrol Last?

Roughly 4-5 hours (dependent on user).

What Surfaces Can We Drive It On?

Our Junior Jeeps can be driven on grass, gravel or tarmac.

Can We Use It In The Rain?

Yes, our Junior Jeeps can be used in all weathers as long as cleaned and dried after use.

Where Does It Need To Be Stored?

In a garage or outbuilding

What Safety Features Does It Have?

All our Junior Jeeps are fit with seat belts, windshield and speed restrictor.

What Is Ceramic Coating Paint Protection And Why Do I Need It?

It’s a high class paint protection to preserve the paintwork of your Junior Jeep.

Still have a question?

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